Continually revisit the basics

Years ago when I was in college I was a chemistry major.  I did quite well in my studies.  Even in the advanced courses, I was always reviewing the material from the introductory courses.

Nowadays I am immersed in a technology called XML.  I have the good fortune to be able to teach XML courses.  I enjoy teaching the XML foundation’s course in particular as it enables me to review the basics.

Interestingly, each time I reviewed the introductory chemistry material, and each time I teach the XML foundation’s course, I always discovered something new.

A friend pointed out to me that athletes are always practicing the fundamentals, e.g. the basketball player continually practices throwing free-throws, the quarterback of a football team continually practices throwing the football.

No matter how advanced or how proficient you are in your field, it is important to continually revisit the basics.

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