Writing for quick assimilation by the reader

Recently I read an article that went on and on.  I had to wade through tons of anecdotes before the point was finally made.  Alas, the point wasn’t very interesting. 

It occured to me that we should write in a fashion where the essential points can be picked up by the reader quickly.  But how?

Here’s how: put the key points first.  This applies to the entire document, as well as each individual sentence.

Example: compare these two sentences, where I am articulating the advantages of a certain design style:

  1. The image gallery web page can be downloaded quickly.
  2. Quick download of the image gallery web page.

The key point is: quick download.  With the first sentence the reader has to wade through a bunch of words before getting to the key point.  With the second sentence the key point is situated up front; composing sentences like this enables the reader to scan your article and quickly obtain the essential points.

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