How to create a good domain name

Which is the best domain name?



Search engines read a hyphen in a domain name as a space. Thus the above domain names are read (and indexed) by search engines as:

  1. webstandards
  2. web standards
  3. web_standards

Most likely, someone interested in learning about web standards will type in this at a search tool: web standards

Most likely a person will not type in: webstandards or web_standards

So, with as your domain name the keywords that a user enters at a search tool match your domain name.

Furthermore, all inbound links are reinforcing the idea that your web site is talking about “web standards.” Each inbound link is essentially saying, “Hey, that web site has information about web standards”

Recap: a user types in “web standards” at a search tool. Your domain name is read and indexed by search tools as “web standards.” All inbound links say, “That web site is talking about “web standards.” Wow! That’s a lot of confirmation that is the place to go for information about “web standards.”

How to Create a Good Domain Name

  1. Determine the most common keywords a user would enter at a search engine.
  2. Take those keywords and arrange them in a form that is memorable (you may need to add some “filler” words).
  3. Connect the words by hyphens.

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