Isn’t clapping an odd thing we humans do?

We bang our open hands together which produces a sound.  We call it “clapping.”  We repeat it over and over. We perform this action when we want to express enthusiasm.

I got to thinking about this today.  “What an odd thing to do,” I thought.  “Why would people swiftly, almost violently slam their hands together?  Why is the sound that is produced in any way indicative of support? (It’s just a noise)  When did this clapping custom begin?  Is it a recent thing, or have peopled been doing this for a long time?”

Anyone know the history of clapping?

One Response to “Isn’t clapping an odd thing we humans do?”

  1. William Hnyla Says:

    clapping is to kill the bugs buzzing around one’s head
    think about it; even when prehistoric man was gathered around the fire telling stories they wanted to wait till the end of the story to clap.
    The ancient Greeks with their outdoor theaters had to clap too
    some cultures stomp their feet; maybe they had crawling bugs

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