The key to bodybuilding is to use moderate weights and develop a strong mind/body connection

Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a bodybuilder. When I was old enough I started lifting weights. I worked hard and ate right. But I got little results. It was particularly disheartening as those around me got bigger and bigger. Clearly they had the genetics and I did not.

Nonetheless I have persisted in my training over the years. Recently two events have given me insight into why I have never achieved all that I believe I am capable of:

1. I was watching a YouTube video on Kai Greene. He took 2nd place in the most recent Mr. Olympia contest. In the video he said, “I am not a weightlifter.” He distinguishes between a weightlifter and a bodybuilder: a weightlifter is focused on lifting as much weight as possible whereas a bodybuilder is focused on hypertrophy (increasing muscle size).

2. I read this statement by Ron Harris in an exercise magazine: It is the stubborn refusal to train with moderate weights and have a better mind/body connection that prevents many would-be bodybuilders from ever looking quite like a bodybuilder.

Those two events have rocked my world. I will now approach my training in a completely different manner.

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One Response to “The key to bodybuilding is to use moderate weights and develop a strong mind/body connection”

  1. Isaac J. Hall Says:

    Good post, I seen that video too of Kai Greene when he said those words. There is a huge difference between the two. I competed myself in September of 2012 in the NPC Daytona Beach Classic. I placed 4th but the experience was great. Ill follow you please do the same if you see fit too. Take care and keep in touch.
    Isaac Hall

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