Pronouns are evil

Recall that a pronoun is a word that refers to something else.

I have a friend who never calls his wife by her name, he always uses pronouns to refer to her. For example:

She does the taxes.

She works at Home Depot.

“She” is a pronoun. I have never said anything to my friend, but I think it is disrespectful for him to refer to his wife by “she”. This is much better, I think:

Mary does the taxes.

Mary works at Home Depot.

Don’t you think that is much nicer?

I have another friend whose wife uses pronouns for everything. For example:

Did you do that?

“That” is a pronoun. My friend is expected to figure out what “that” is. My friend’s wife would be much clearer if she said:

Did you do the laundry?

Don’t you think that is much clearer?

By the way, my friend informs me that sometimes when his wife uses “that” she is referring to something from a week past!

Lesson Learned: we would all be a little bit better off if we used fewer pronouns.

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