I lie to myself all the time

For the past several months I have been reading a particular book first thing in the morning. After several weeks of doing this I went around telling everyone, “I have been spending lots and lots of hours reading this book; probably hundreds of hours.” (It’s a huge book) Then I started keeping a log every day of exactly how much time I spent reading the book. Now as I look back on this log, I realize that I spend a lot less time reading than I thought. The notion that in those first few weeks I had spent hundreds of hours reading, well, that was simply me deceiving myself.

Recently I have been trying to keep hydrated by drinking a gallon of water (fluids) every day. I was certain that I was drinking at least a gallon. Then, two days ago I bought a one-gallon water dispenser. Yesterday I drank from the dispenser. At the end of the day, half of it remained. Yikes! I have been drinking only half a gallon of water each day. Another wake-up call.

Here’s what I learned:

1. I lie to myself all the time: I think that I read more than I actually do, I think that I drink more water than I actually do, I think that I am better looking than I actually am, I think that I am smarter than I actually am, and so forth.

2. To avoid deceiving myself, I must measure things.

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