Get your reps in every day

I have noticed something interesting about the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. I have noticed that they continually practice throwing the football. Even after, for most of them, decades of throwing the football, they continue to get the reps in.

Just like the skiers who are constantly waxing their skis, these quarterbacks are greasing the groove so that, at a moment’s notice, they are ready to make a herculean effort and drill a long, laser throw.

A simmering pot of water can quickly roll into a boil.

I think the importance of getting the reps in cannot be overestimated. And I don’t just mean throwing footballs. I mean in any endeavor that you want to excel in.

My major as an undergrad was chemistry. I remember during the summers I would review over and over the material that I had learned that school year. And ya know what? I did really, really well. Now at work I teach several courses. Some of the courses I have taught many times. Is that a waste? No, I don’t think so. I am getting my reps in. At a moment’s notice I can solve any problem in my field of expertise.

Want to be a top-notch Olympic weightlifter? Then get your reps in. Lift every day.

Want to be a top-notch Web master? Then get your reps in. Review over and over the relevant technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Want to be a top-notch Fashion designer? Then get your reps in. Sew, sew, sew, design, design, design.

Get your reps in every day.

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