3 bridges to cross to immortality

Ray Kurzweil:

Bridge 1: cherry-pick the most promising biomedical findings of today. This includes a low-calorie, low-carb diet, exercise and lots of sleep.

Bridge 2: exploit the accelerating biotech revolution to bring true enhancement at the cellular and genetic levels. This means increasing use of gene therapy, stem cells, therapeutic cloning and replacement cells, tissues and organs. Within a few decades, Kurzweil says, these will even allow us to turn back our biological clocks.

Bridge 3: merge nanotech and AI. This will allow swarms of specialized, programmable, communicating nanobots to replace old-fashioned neurons and blood cells with more efficient units that can destroy infections, reverse degenerative changes and rewrite genetic code.

More … http://crabsalloverhealth.blogspot.com/2010/12/ray-kurzweil-building-bridges-to.html

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