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The computer has consumed my life

December 27, 2016

Yesterday on NPR they were talking about child expert’s current recommendations on the amount of time children should be allowed to spend in front of the computer. I think they recommend less than an hour each day. Interestingly they then went on to tell how much time their parents spend on average each day in front of the computer: 9 hours per day!

I then got to thinking about the time that I spend in front of the computer each day. Eek! I probably average 10-12 hours per day. That is a huge chunk of my life spent in front of a computer. I am starting to forget what I did with my time before the computer age.

Handwriting to get smarter

December 15, 2016

When I was a kid there were no computers. All writing was done with pencil and paper. My handwriting was beautiful. Alas, those days are gone. Now all my writing is done by pushing keys on a keyboard. Recently I’ve started doing some handwriting. Oh my, it is hard. My hand and shoulder tightens up. I cannot write for long periods. The beautiful strokes that I once made are now ugly, crude lines.

There is research which shows that there are a lot of connections between the brain and the hands. Developing new hand skills has been shown to improve cognitive skills.

I am going to spend time each day doing handwriting. I think it will make me smarter.