Too many people with hidden agendas

I have tried many diets. I have tried many exercise routines. I have tried many physical therapy approaches. All were either ineffective or damaging. For example, one diet rocketed my cholesterol level. One exercise routine caused a forearm injury that took me two years to recover from. One physical therapy approach hurt my shoulders and it took weeks to recover from.

I’ve come to realize that:

(1) There are a lot of people on the Internet with hidden agendas. Their agendas aren’t altruistic, to selflessly help people. Instead, their agendas are purely selfish: get more views, so that they can get more sponsors, so that they can make more money.

(2) There are lots of people on the Internet who sound smart, sincere, and expert, but in reality, they are completely unqualified and give really bad advice.

(3) There are very few people on the Internet who have no hidden agenda, who give good, helpful, quality advice, and aren’t out to make a buck off everyone.

I am going to avoid many of the sites that I used to visit.

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