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This is the ultimate diet (really)

May 22, 2018

In my lifetime I have tried just about every health diet ever created. In just the last month I’ve tried two diets. In every case, the first day of the diet I notice a remarkable increase in energy and alertness. I tell all my friends what a fantastic diet it is. The next day, a little less energy and alertness. By the end of a week on the diet, I am back to the same energy and alertness levels as before starting the diet. Nonetheless, I continue the diet. By day 10 I feel worse than before the diet – less energy, less alertness, and sometimes even nausea. I feel like an idiot for boasting to my friends about what a great diet it is. Eventually I wise up and I jump onto the next diet. And the cycle starts all over again.

I have come to realize two important things:

  1. My body adjusts shockingly fast to a new diet. It just takes 2 or 3 days for my body to fully adjust. Once adjusted, the improved energy and alertness levels fade rapidly.
  2. My body loves change. Every time I change my diet I get a significant boost in energy and alertness.

What is the ultimate diet? The ultimate diet is one that constantly changes.

My aquarium fish have a good life

May 5, 2018

They are safe, no predators to eat them. They don’t have to scavenge for food, I feed them every morning. The water temperature is controlled, so no need for housing or clothes.

All they have to do is, well, nothing. Just live. Just swim around and enjoy life.

I check my email 52 times a day – yikes!

May 2, 2018

Recently I counted the number of times that I checked my email. 52 times in one day.


Email is evil (mostly).

Every time I check my email, it is a context switch. That is a productivity killer.

Why Multitasking is Killing your Productivity

Change my mind on what I expect to get from attending workshops and conferences

May 1, 2018

This week I attended a technical workshop. I always get both intimidated and depressed whenever I attend these kinds of events. The speakers go through their material way too fast for me to understand. They seem so smart, far smarter than I.

But I just had an insight: the purpose of conferences and workshops is not to teach you new stuff, but, rather, to give you flashes of ideas which can then be pursued afterwards. In other words, the purpose is to give you pointers to new ideas. Also, I need to remember that the speaker has been thinking about the subject for a long time, whereas I am hearing it for the first time. The speaker may indeed be very smart, but I shouldn’t make a judgement based on one brief talk.

For some people, conferences and workshops also provide a place to make new connections (meet new people). I suppose that I do make some connections, but being an introvert, I am terribly uncomfortable in such situations and don’t make much in the way of meaningful connections.

I need to change my mind on what I expect to get out of workshops and/or conferences.