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The power of truly listening

November 11, 2018

For almost three decades, John Francis has been a planet walker, traveling the globe by foot and sail with a silent message of environmental respect. For 17 of those years he didn’t speak a word.

Here’s what he said about listening:

[Before he stopped talking] I used to listen to someone just enough to think I knew what they wanted to say and then I would stop listening because I thought I knew what they were going to say. And then I would start thinking about what I was going to say back to show them that they were wrong or that I could say it better or look how smart I am. Not speaking was a great relief for me because I was able to learn from so many people. People have so much to teach if we listen to each other.

Here is how to fix the education system

November 4, 2018

Every school, at every level, has these two mantras:

  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • Look longer and see more

The teachers repeat these mantras to their students, often. And at every level (1st grade, 2nd grade, …, 12th grade).

Every teacher exhibits, daily, a pure joy and love for learning.

No more summer vacations. School is year-round. 10 days off each year – a day off for Christmas, a day off for New Years, etc.

No more rushing to get through a curriculum. Slow down. The teacher introduces a concept and then lots of time is given for the students to explore the concept from all sides, see how it fits in with other things they’ve learned … let the concept become part of the student.

No more tests. Instead, students write, write, and write. “I don’t know what I think until I write it down”

Do these things and it will revolutionize our world.