I need a reboot

When working on my computer, I often have many windows open at once: a Powerpoint document that I am working on, a Word document that I am reading, my work email system, my personal email system, a news web site, and others. That’s a lot of stuff to be juggling all day long. And I have the habit of leaving all those windows open day and night, 24×7. “I don’t want to miss the latest email or the latest news event” I think. At some point, however, my system gets so cluttered and performance degrades so much, I am forced to close everything, reboot, and start fresh. Ah, it is so wonderful to have a fresh, clear screen.

I feel that my mind is like my computer when the computer is at its most cluttered point: many different thoughts on all sorts of topics occupy my mind. Unfortunately, those thoughts don’t shut down when I go to sleep; I am constantly waking up and thinking.

My mind needs the equivalent of a computer reboot. Not sure how to do that, however.

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