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What is a comfortable belt?

April 13, 2019

It is said that a comfortable belt is one that you don’t feel, and you are unaware of it. But that’s not the most comfortable belt. Like comfortable shoes, would you be completely unconscious of comfortable shoes? No. Something better than comfortable shoes are shoes that you know are comfortable.

So, in the same way, self-consciousness adds something to life. It is one thing to be happy, and not know it. It is another thing to be happy and know it.

It is like one’s voice in a shower room or bath tub has more resonance. That is why temples and cathedrals and resonating boxes for guitars and drums are created – to give this little quality of echo. For all echo is a certain kind of feedback which enables you to reflect upon what you’re doing and to know that you know.

So, one might say that ordinary people are Buddha’s, but they don’t know it. The Buddha is the one who knows he’s a Buddha.

Alan Watts,, at 8 minutes, 21 seconds.