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Two slices of bread puts on one pound of bodyfat

June 26, 2019

I love making bread. The hearty, wholesome kind. I love the smell of bread baking in the oven.

For the last year, however, I have noticed something quite disturbing. When I eat a couple slices of bread, the next day when I weigh myself I am one pound heavier. If I eat bread three days in a row, at the end of those three days I am three pounds heavier. Yikes! Perhaps my body has become resistant to wheat? Have you found that when you eat bread, you automatically gain weight?

Sadly, my days of bread-making and bread-eating are over.

Small, obscure schools better than big, well-known schools for preparing for life after school

June 23, 2019

Stephen Curry and C.J. McCollum are two of the most talented players in professional basketball. Before joining the NBA, Curry played basketball at a small, obscure college, Davidson. McCollum played at Lehigh. We typically think of superstars coming from big name schools, like Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

What if they are big stars because they went to small schools? Curry stayed in school for three years, McCollum four years. They were allowed to develop as basketball players about as far away from the NBA spotlight as you can get. They weren’t big fish in small ponds so much as they became sharks in a kiddie pool. They crafted their games and built the supreme confidence necessary to earn contracts that would eventually pay them millions of dollars.

One of the reasons they were effective right away in the NBA is because they were experienced. They had to shoulder the load for their college teams for three or four years. They got better faster, and then they were ready for the NBA.

I suspect the same may be true of academics. Attending a big-name school like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford may not be the best training ground for the real world. Rather, attending a small, obscure school where the teachers are there expressly to teach may very well better prepare a person for his or her career after school.

Best way to exercise: Mind-body connection? Empty the mind? Grease the groove?

June 9, 2019

Which of these is the best way to exercise:

  1. Mind-body connection. Be mindful of the body while exercising. Where there is tightness, send mental commands to relax and let go.
  2. Empty the mind. Get the mind out of the movement and allow the body to move without interference from the mind.
  3. Grease the groove. Perform the movement over and over to master the movement. It doesn’t really matter what the mind thinks about.

Which way is best? I suspect each is best suited for certain exercises. While statically stretching it might be best to focus the mind on identifying tightness and then using the mind to command those tight muscles to relax. While doing a golf swing it might be best to empty the mind. While walking it probably doesn’t matter what the mind thinks about.