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Why learning longhand writing is important

August 23, 2007

A while ago I was talking with a friend. She has two children. She was telling me that she didn’t want her kids to learn longhand writing. She felt that the time could be spent more profitably learning other things. After all, who writes in longhand anymore?

I got to thinking about this. Here’s what I think.

Want to increase your IQ? Then learn new ways to manipulate your hands.

It has been discovered that a significant chunk of your brain corresponds to manipulating your hand. Every time you learn a new hand movement, you create new neural connections in your brain. Thus, you become smarter!

So, I think that children should learn to write longhand because longhand requires learning many sophisticated hand manipulations. And as we’ve just seen, perfecting new hand manipulations will yield new neural connections in the brain.

In other words, developing the skill of longhand writing makes kids smarter.

Television versus the Printed Page

July 19, 2007

“Television is dramatic. It appeals to the emotions. It captures your attention. However, the printed page is a more effective instrument for both education and persuasion. The authors of a book can explore issues deeply – without being limited by the ticking clock. The reader can stop and think, turn the pages back without being diverted by the emotional appeal of the scenes moving relentlessly across his television screen.”

– Free to Choose by Milton Friedman

Hallmark of a Successful Education

July 3, 2007

“Adaptability to change is itself a hallmark of successful education, and it is change, not any specific technology, that most aptly characterizes life today and in the foreseeable future. A genuine education enables one to acquire, for oneself, the skills one happens, at a given stage of one’s life, to need.”

Mathematics from the Birth of Numbers