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Human beings have been made privy to the deepest workings of the universe

January 8, 2008

You would never guess by looking at the physical world that beneath the surface hubbub of natural phenomenon lies an abstract order, an order that can’t be seen or heard or felt, but deduced.  Even the wisest mind couldn’t tell merely from daily experience that the diverse physical systems making up the cosmos are linked, deep down, by a network of coded mathematical relationships.   Yet science has uncovered the existence of this concealed mathematical domain.  We human beings have been made privy to the deepest workings of the universe.  Other animals observe the same natural phenomena as we do, but alone among the creatures on this planet, Homo sapiens can also explain them. 

How has this come about?  Somehow the universe has engineered, not just its own awareness, but also its own comprehension.  Mindless, blundering atoms have conspired to make not just life, not just mind, but understanding.  The evolving cosmos has spawned beings who are able not merely to watch the show, but to unravel the plot.  What is it that enables something as small and delicate and adapted to terrestrial life as the human brain to engage with the totality of the cosmos and the silent mathematical tune to which it dances?  For all we know, this is the first and only time anywhere in the universe that minds have glimpsed the cosmic code.

Cosmic Jackpot by Paul Davies