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Story telling and story listening are important to the way we think

December 20, 2007

Stories are central to our mental processes for understanding, remembering, and communicating.

Plato said: “Those who tell stories rule society.”

The next time you are at a dinner with friends, sit back for a minute and observe the goings-on.  What is everyone doing?  Most of the evening will probably be taken up exchanging stories, funny ones, sad one, stories about friends, stories read in the newspaper, and so on.

Why is story telling and story listening so important to the way we think?

Stories are a way in which we learn.  For example, by reading Shakespeare, we can learn all sorts of useful lessons about love and family relationships.  The best selling business books are often stories of successful individuals or companies; everyone wants to read stories about how Jack Welch or Bill Gates “did it,” hoping to glean patterns of success.

The Origin of Wealth by Eric D. Beinhocker