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Advice to people getting a degree in computer science

June 18, 2020

Programming is relatively easy. The hard part is understanding the domain.

The worst computer science people are those who just know computer science, they don’t know any domain. Consequently, when confronted with writing a program for a domain problem, they don’t understand the terminology or the concepts or the co-dependencies. They are doomed to write mediocre and buggy software.

Getting a computer science degree? Get a dual major – computer science plus a degree in some domain. For example, if you’re interesting in music or acting, then get a degree in music or theater. Interested in fitness or sports? Then get a degree in physiology. Interested in anti-aging? Then get a degree in biology or pre-med. Interested in aircraft and flying? Then get a degree in aeronautics.

Do actors memorize their lines anymore?

September 15, 2017

Yesterday I saw Phantom of the Opera at the Boston Opera House. I had a great seat – in the second row. Plus, I had binoculars. Looking through the binoculars I could see the actors close up. One thing I noticed, which surprised me, is that every actor had a wire stealthily running into their ear. I wonder what that wire is for? Is someone telling them what to say?

Do actors memorize their lines anymore? Or, do actors simply repeat what they hear through the wire?

By the way, it was a great show.