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Credo to regain the strength and health of my hunter-gatherer ancestors

February 19, 2017

Technology changes rapidly but our biology, our bodies change slowly. Our bodies are essentially the same as 10,000 years ago. 10,000 years ago humans were stronger and healthier. I wish to regain the strength and health of my hunter-gatherer ancestors. To do so, I will emulate their conditions:

  1. I will take a cold shower each day to emulate the environmental extremes that my hunter-gatherer ancestors dealt with.
  2. I will fast on water every Sunday to emulate the periods without food that my hunter-gatherer ancestors endured.
  3. I will go barefoot as much as possible and run my feet over lacrosse balls to emulate the lack of footwear of my hunter-gatherer ancestors.
  4. I will walk outdoors for an hour each day to emulate the long distances that my hunter-gatherer ancestors traveled each day.
  5. I will lift heavy weights to emulate the hard work that my hunter-gatherer ancestors performed each day.
  6. I will eat fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and meat to emulate the diet of my hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Memories of my distant caveman ancestors triggered through running in bare feet

November 22, 2015

For the past 6 months I have been barefoot 90% of time. I wear socks and shoes only when I have to. A remarkable thing has happened during this time. I feel more human than ever. I sense the primal, raw energy of my distant ancestors. I’ve been running barefoot, without shirt, even as the New England temperatures dip. As the cool wind rips across my chest and as my bare feet slap down on the ground with each stride, it triggers deep with me memories of my distant caveman ancestors. Modern day society fades. I am running in the wild. I am chasing my prey (or being chased as prey). Life consists of only the essentials: survive, find food, and build shelter. I am human, again.