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The Powerpoint slide is my canvas for expressing information

January 23, 2019

I treat each slide in a Powerpoint document as a canvas, like an artist’s canvas. Instead of placing artwork on the canvas, I place words, pictures, and drawings that will hopefully convey useful information to the viewer. By treating each slide as a canvas, I feel liberated to discard the rigid header-body format; I often set the layout to blank and then create to my heart’s delight.

I will strive to live the life of an artist

February 11, 2016

From this day forward I am an artist. At least, I will strive to live the life of an artist.

My interests revolve around reading, writing, working with data, and programming. Thus, my “canvas” will be my books, my words, data, and programs.

If I am not expressing and seeking beauty in my interests, then I am not living properly. The purpose of my life is to express and seek beauty …….. This is an astonishing insight for me.

I feel a great sense of relief and peace. Till this day I have approached life like a person swimming upstream: always striving to achieve something important, always fighting to rise the ladder, compete, excel. Approaching life from the perspective of an artist focused on expressing and seeking beauty … well, that makes a huge difference to me, in my mind and in my emotions.