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Type 1 fun, type 2 fun

October 18, 2017

Yesterday I listened to an interview of an astronaut who spent nearly a year on board the space station. I was surprised at something he said. When asked if he had fun he replied: It was a type 2 fun. He then explained: A type 1 fun is like the fun you have on a roller coaster ride. A type 2 fun is one where it’s not fun when you’re doing it, but once it’s over, then you realize how awesome and amazing it was.

Each evening I take a cold shower. It’s a type 2 fun – not fun when I’m taking the shower, but once it’s over I feel fantastic.

What happened to the future? Why can’t we solve big problems anymore?

May 25, 2014

You promised me Mars colonies. Instead I got Facebook.

— Buzz Aldrin

It feels as if technologies have diverted us and enriched themselves with trivial toys, with things like iPhone and apps and social media and algorithms that speed automated trading. There’s nothing wrong with most of these things; they have expanded and enriched our lives. But they don’t solve humanities big problems. What happened to the future?

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