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Beliefs are really valuable even if they are wrong

November 13, 2017

The placebo effect has repeatedly demonstrated the power of the mind. If you believe strongly in something, then the mind has the power to make it happen.

If you believe that a vitamin or an exercise will keep you young and healthy, then the mind will make it happen, even if there is no factual basis for the vitamin or exercise having such a health- and age-altering effect.

So, …. Have a good set of positive, strong beliefs!

We have too much confidence in our beliefs

October 21, 2017

We have too much confidence in our beliefs. When you cannot imagine an alternative to your belief, you are convinced that your belief is true. That’s overconfidence.

What I don’t know matters enormously and what I can’t see matters enormously. It’s very difficult for us to imagine how anyone could see the world in a way that’s different from the way we see it. There are other ways of seeing the world, there are alternatives, there are things that you do not see, and they are important.

— Daniel Kahneman

Challenging beliefs

July 21, 2017

Fifty percent of what we teach is wrong. The problem is – we don’t know which 50% it is. The wise person spends a lifetime trying to figure out which 50% is which.

Until it is disproven, accept that for which the evidence appears solid and logical and free of covert or overt conflicts of interest.

Unfortunately, industry is driving what you believe in many, many things.

Dr. Tim Noakes

Excellent video:

Your thoughts and beliefs matter

January 18, 2015

Your thoughts and beliefs matter. Your surroundings ― the people you spend time with, the places you frequent, and even the things you read ― all influence you. Even the words you use matters. The story you tell yourself shapes your actions, and when your story is only about limitations, failure, and doing less, that’s your world. That’s what your actions will reflect.

You might surprise yourself with what can happen when you get away from poisonous thoughts and poisonous people. Likewise, the best way to shape your beliefs is to hang around other people who believe and act the way you want to act. That means a team or training group or a good coach. At the least, it means immersing yourself in the activity, living it and breathing it.

Mathew Perryman