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Body temperature after a hard workout and body temperature after soaking in a cold bath

September 7, 2013

Lately I have been taking a cold bath each evening. As the weather gets cooler it is becoming more and more difficult to motivate myself to continue taking the cold baths, even though I feel fantastic after taking them.

So today I decided to take a different tact: I would take a cold bath immediately after working out.

I did a hard workout and by the time that I was done I was sweating pretty good; then I immediately jumped into a cold bath that I had previously prepared, and soaked in it for 15 minutes. Ah, I felt wonderful.

Now this is really interesting: I took my body temperature immediately after working out (before jumping into the cold bath) and it was 94.1 degrees. Then I took my body temperature immediately after soaking in the cold bath for 15 minutes and it was 97.1 degrees. Isn’t that fascinating? Apparently, when one works up a sweat, the body responds by cooling down the inside; and when one cools the outer body, the body responds by heating up the inside.