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An enlightened Ph.D. program is one that …

September 5, 2016

… requires candidate doctoral students to simultaneously follow these two paths:

  1. Master the subject: the student must master the subject matter – the student must put in the 10,000 hours needed to attain mastery. I would expect the student to put in 50 hours per week studying the subject. This means it will take 200 weeks (about 4 years) to master the subject. At this point in his education he should be able to teach himself, so I would expect this would be a time mostly of self-study.
  2. Quiet the mind: the student must learn to align with his deeper self, so that he can tap into the source of all creativity. I would expect the student to put in 10 hours (or more) per week learning to quiet his mind. There are many choices available, including following the breath, mantras, mindfulness, mediation, and taking long walks (“Never trust a thought that didn’t come by walking.” — Friedrich Nietzsche).

Upon completion of these two paths, the student has prepared a vehicle for receiving insights on the subject matter from his deeper self. The student is now ready to bring forth new, deep insights.