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Relish every minute of every day

August 10, 2016

When I exercise I typically set a certain number of reps as a goal. I then perform the reps, always focusing on the goal. Sigh. What a missed opportunity…

Oftentimes we focus on the goal and pay little or no attention to the journey to get to the goal. This includes big goals, such as graduating from college or getting married, as well as little goals such as getting to the top of the stairs or in an exercise finishing the desired number of reps.

The problem is that most of the time is spent in the journey. So if we ignore the journey then we miss most of life.

From now on I will make the journey the objective. I will walk up the stairs and consider each step the objective. I will exercise and make each rep the objective. I will stand in line at a store and focus on my breath. I will relish each minute of each day.

Factors that determine how much of your brain you use

April 23, 2016

I don’t think there is a single solution for maximizing how much of your brain you use. I think it’s a combination of many factors (there are many ways to influence the brain). Here are the key factors (I think) that determine how much of your brain you use:

  1. Exercise: how much exercise? What type of exercise? Frequency of exercise? Variability of exercise? Heavy or light? Endurance or strength? Balancing/coordination? Flexibility? Hormone-stimulating exercises? Walking? Running?
  2. Rest: how much sleep? Naps?
  3. Mental stimulation: reading? Writing? Debate? Games/puzzles?
  4. Food: fresh foods? Cooked or raw? Meat or no meat? Carbs or no carbs? Nutrient-dense? Fasting?
  5. Supplements: caffeine? Supplements that promote the flow of blood to the brain (e.g., Gingko Biloba)? Green tea? Black tea?
  6. Nature: how much time spent in a park? Frequency?
  7. Stress: no stress? Moderate amounts of stress? Massage? Foam roller? Body work?
  8. Music: how much? Classical or other?
  9. Social: lots of socializing? Lots of friends? A few close friends?
  10. Positive attitude: how to keep positive and motivated? Laughter? Smiling?
  11. Goals: short-term goals? Long-term goals?

One thing that I am fairly sure of is this: the body and brain adapt quickly. A strategy that works today for stimulating the brain will likely not work next week or next month. Constant change is crucial. Also, it seems that each human is unique. What works for me may not work for you.

Relax, slow down, and let things take shape on their own accord

January 11, 2015

Wonderful advice from Matt Perryman:

Relax, slow down, and let things take shape on their own accord. There’s little use in forcing things out, and then stressing out when they don’t work out as you planned. Set ambitious goals, yes, but don’t let them own you.

It might help if you think of your life as more like a garden than a factory. If you try to manage your garden like a factory, you probably aren’t getting much of a crop. Gardens require tending rather than intrusive management. You pick the kinds of plants you grow , and pull out weeds, and make sure that light and water and even temperature are suitable for your flora. Contrast that to actual management, the belief that somebody has to be there overseeing and guiding every aspect of the process lest it collapse into itself. Tending a garden means guiding along processes which, for their intended purposes, are far smarter than you could ever be. Respect the garden’s nature as an organic, fluid, adaptable system and it will flourish. Your job is to guide the ship, so to speak, to provide direction.

Wonderful advice from Parker Palmer:

Periodically reflect on where your life has taken you (versus where you want your life to go).