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Eat more protein after age 40, stretch the muscle after each exercise

August 12, 2014

Two fascinating things that I’ve recently learned:

1. As we all know, protein is used by the body to repair and rebuild. When we are under 40 years old the body is very efficient at utilizing the protein that we consume. So 20 grams of protein per meal is sufficient (more than 20 grams and it is wasted). However, when we get over 40 years of age, the body is less efficient at utilizing the protein. So to obtain the same benefit that the 20 grams of protein gave us when we were younger, we must consume more protein at each meal. How much? At least 40 grams per meal.

2. The body is covered (obviously) with skin. Under the skin is something called fascia. The fascia holds everything together. The fascia can limit muscle growth because it tightly holds the muscles in. So if we want the muscles to grow bigger (hypertrophy), we need to get the fascia to free up and allow the muscle to expand. How to do that? Stretch! After each exercise stretch the muscle. Without stretching the muscle may be unable to expand and get bigger.