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Three steps to mastering a topic

February 21, 2015

1. Read: read a book on the topic. Not any book. Read a book written by someone who is an expert on the topic and has a genuine gift for explaining things clearly.

2. Implement: write software that implements the topic you are learning, or solve a bunch of problems relevant to the topic, or write a paper on the topic.

3. Teach: create a bunch of Powerpoint slides along with a bunch of lab exercises and then go share your knowledge with some people.

When is an exercise mastered?

August 6, 2014

Long ago a Yogi told me, “You have mastered a Yoga asana when you can perform it steadily, effortlessly for 3 hours, 40 minutes.”

Wow! That is awesome.

Recently I have been focussing on the descent part of an exercise. For example, in one hand I lift a dumbell overhead and then slowly, steadily lower it. After it is lowered I explosively drive it back up and then repeat. When is an exercise mastered? I submit this as a measure of mastery: when the weight can be lowered steadily over a period of 60 seconds (1 minute), the exercise has been mastered and it is then time to increase the weight. Thoughts?