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Count reps or not?

August 13, 2019

Clearly, the goal is to improve over the years. More accurately, the goal is to improve the number of perfect-form reps over the years.

There are pros and cons to counting reps.


Counting reps (along with recording the number of reps performed) gives concrete evidence of whether there is improvement.


There is an enormous temptation to sacrifice form for that extra rep. Instead of focusing on movement and mind-body connection, the focus is on a mostly meaningless number.

Bottom Line

For many workouts the number of reps you can perform will remain the same. There will even be times where the number of reps decreases. But, if the effort is put in, over the long arc of time the number of perfect-form reps will slowly rise. That is all you can ask. That is success.

Perfect practice makes perfect

April 22, 2018

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Practice makes perfect.” However, that is not quite true. If one practices using sloppy form or practice is done mindlessly, then perfection will never be achieved. It is perfect practice that makes perfect.