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Should I keep my lawn grass long or short?

July 7, 2019

I would like to avoid watering my lawn. I hate the idea of dumping perfectly good drinking water onto my lawn. So, should I keep my lawn grass short or long? Below are arguments for each side. Which argument is correct?

Argument for Short Lawn Grass

Short lawn grass requires less water than long lawn grass because whatever water is present only has to hydrate short leaves.

Argument for Long Lawn Grass

Mowing it to keep it short might increase evaporation from the cut surface. A short lawn provides less shade for itself, and the soil can dry out more quickly, thus requiring MORE watering. If the grass is allowed to grow taller, the roots will be better established and penetrate deeper into the soil.  This will in turn make the grass more drought tolerant because during dry spells, there is likely to still be some moisture deeper down.