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Sleep more

August 9, 2017

I heard a few days ago that LeBron James slept 12 hours per day during the NBA playoffs.

I remember in grad school my advisor slept 10 hours per day.

Last week I heard a doctor talk about sleep flushing away plaque in the brain, which is essential for preventing Alzheimer’s.

Recently I increased my sleep from 8 hours per night to 8 ½ hours per night. That has been very helpful. I think that I will increase to 9 hours per night (or more).

What time do birds go to bed?

February 5, 2014

I got a bird feeder for Christmas. (Yea!)

Since hanging it outside I have observed that the birds come to eat at the feeder between roughly 8 am and 4 pm. I infer from that that they are asleep the rest of the time. Is that true?

I got the following message from a friend. It is both amusing and thought-provoking:

OK…but why do you infer that if a bird must be sleeping if it is not eating at your feeder? Might a bird have other activities to do during its waking hours?

And maybe the time a bird comes to your feeder has as much to do with when it is safe/convenient to do so as when the bird is awake/hungry. If I were a bird and I were awake and hungry, I still might avoid your feeder if there was a hungry cat nearby.

And what does it mean for a bird to sleep? Why assume that birds sleep is similar to humans sleep. I have read that birds sleep in short bursts. I have also read that birds can let parts of their brain sleep while other parts of their brain remain active. And I have read that birds can control their brain activity and effectively shut down parts of their brain (“go to sleep”) at will. That would be a pretty neat trick.

Improve your memory by getting more sleep

May 18, 2008

Over the years I have been getting less and less sleep, in the attempt to cram more and more stuff into every day.  I believe that the consequence of this is my memory has been getting worse and worse.  Recently my Mother sent me an article which states that our memory connections are made during hours 6-8 of sleep.  I haven’t been sleeping long enough to allow the memory connections to be made!

I’ve decided that I cannot do everything that I would like to do in life.  I have given up some things so that I can get more sleep.  I now make sure that I get 8 hours sleep every night.  I am shooting for 8.5 hours each night.

I must say, as soon as I started getting more sleep I noticed a marked improvement in my memory.