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Go a whole MONTH without sitting

June 24, 2014

I just read a New York Times article by a fellow who went a whole month without sitting.

After reading the article I’ve decided to give it a go as well. I just moved my chair out of my office so I won’t be tempted to sit.

Will you join me for 30 days of no sitting?

Consider this:

Even if you’re active, even if you get up at five and do your P90X, if you sit six hours a day those benefits are negated.

If you spend more than 11 hours per day in a chair, you’ll increase your risk of dying in the next three years by 40 percent–even if you exercise.

When we sit for long periods of time, the enzymes responsible for burning fat shut down. Sitting too much can lower good cholesterol, HDL, and lead to a slower metabolism. In essence, sitting can cause the disease process.

Here’s the New York Times article: