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A supple spine for youthfulness and long life

April 6, 2014

Recently I watched a YouTube video of a 1960 TV show featuring a Yogi [1]. He said something that really hit me:

There is a natural tendency for the
ligaments to get shortened as you
get old. Often, by the age of 40 or 50
the body has become like a statue.
The Yogi’s method is to keep the body
elastic and supple, especially the spinal
column. By doing so, we can maintain
our youth and have a long life.

Recently I have been going to a place that offers “hot Yoga” instruction (the room is heated to 100 degrees and is very humid). I shockingly discovered that — yikes! — I have become one of those “statues” that the Yogi refers to. I am pretty inflexible. I am determined to work diligently in the upcoming months to reverse this and get back my youthful suppleness.

[1] Yogi Swami Vishnudevananda on TV in 1960: