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Transitioning from a grab for knowledge to reflecting on knowledge

July 25, 2016

For many years a was in a sort of land grab. But it wasn’t land that I was gobbling up, it was knowledge. I wanted to have as many check-marks on my resume as possible: I’ve mastered this, this, and this.

Recently there has been a shift. I no longer feel the need to gobble up knowledge. Time to slow down and smell the flowers. It’s time to reflect on what I’ve learned. I want to sit in awe of the big ideas, I want to be immersed in their profundity. I want to see how it all fits together.

I am transitioning from technology to philosophy. I think it’s a good progression.

What happened to the future? Why can’t we solve big problems anymore?

May 25, 2014

You promised me Mars colonies. Instead I got Facebook.

— Buzz Aldrin

It feels as if technologies have diverted us and enriched themselves with trivial toys, with things like iPhone and apps and social media and algorithms that speed automated trading. There’s nothing wrong with most of these things; they have expanded and enriched our lives. But they don’t solve humanities big problems. What happened to the future?

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